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RMDT Meola Creek Summer Weeding 2015



15 February 2015 The RMDT Mizaan Meola Creek team partnered with Wai-Care and completed our Summer 2015 Weeding.  We had a great turn out with young and old enjoying the cool shade of our towering natives as we hunted for those pesky weeds amongst the ground cover.  This project has been going for many years and RMDT has recently been nominated for an award for its continuous service to the local waterway.  We appreciate the recognition and hope it draws more people to assist with the recovery of this local waterway.

We continue to marvel at the way the site has progressed over the years, today was no exception.  The natives have grown so well our usual path to the creek was overgrown with new life from our previous planting.  We look forward to seeing you at the next planting.  Watch our Facebook page for details.

Today we saw a family of Pukeko and a school of Inanga (Whitebait) residing in the area.  More evidence that as nature regains control of the area it becomes a habitat for native aquatic and bird life.  The water runs bright and clear in parts of the stream, a stark contrast to the murky depths we saw many years ago.

Check out some photos below where you can see local wildlife taking an interest, a preview of the new site we’ll be planting this year and some of the team hard at work.  Many thanks to Brother Taufil for faithfully organising once again.  If you’d like to participate in the next weeding / planting please contact us on

Meola Creek Summer Weeding 2015

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